Drain problems in Washrooms and Cafeterias

In washrooms, food processing plants and staff cafeterias, one of the main concerns is the floor drain system.

Despite the continuous and increased efforts of many existing methods, all the drain lines may get clogging issues in some point of time.

Hairs, uric acid & ammonia are the main clogging materials in Washrooms, while Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG), besides the foreign objects like spoons, forks, steel wool & duster clogs are the main reasons for drain blockage in staff cafeterias.

In food processing plants, different types of microorganisms, food residues, and other soils get funneled down into drains. Commonly variety of microorganisms are found in drain lines, in particular areas where optimal environment is available for their growth and multiplication. Even if there are no obvious problems faced but it is difficult to access drain lines for effective cleaning.

A normal drain pipe has an inside opening of two to four inches but over time, uric acid and ammonia, food material and grease cling to the walls of the drain and this accumulation reduces the effective pipe size.

Our Drain Hygiene: Screening and Cleaning

Why do drains get clogged? The answer can be discovered by looking into a drain line or sewer pipe.

Our Drain Hygiene service is the perfect “Drain specialist”. We are available on call to perform the survey of the drains and clear the clogs with specialized equipment.

We provide drain cleaning services of the drain lines measuring ¾” (19 mm) to 4” (100 mm) in diabeter and having length up to 75 feet. In addition to that, with the use of a different set of machines we can extend our reach to 110 feet.

Our Drain Screening and Cleaning machines with the cables and cutters deliver high torque to clear obstructions and muscle through blockages. The machines can inspect the drain, identify the clog and clear it up to 70% to 90%.

The machines clean the drain lines with a gentle rotation process so that there is no internal damage. It substantially reduces both hard and soft blockages.

We also ensure that there are no additional damages like breaking of the drain lines, re-fixing the floor or wall tiles and fittings or shutting down the facility area, during our service time.

Our services are suitable for bathroom, lavatory, urinals, tub, shower, laundry tub, kitchen sinks, indoor and cafeteria floor drainage system.

Soft copies (in JPG’s and Video format) of drain service are provided to clients as visible proof of causes of clogging and our effective cleaning.

Drainage system related issues need hygiene professionals to fix the problem. Hence, having a cost-effective and 24/7 solution in hand can ensure timely upkeeping and healthy drains.

Cleaning System

Our Drain Cleaning Equipment's
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Drain Cleaning Machines

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The Foreign particles found inside the Drain Line