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Our Triple Action Technology ensures that naturally occurring bacteria which produce enzymes to degrade organic matter, eliminates bad smells. This also reduces organic scale build-up by ensuring that uric salt is made more soluble, broken down and therefore made easier to flush away and Recyclable. Deep bubble & bristle design for optimum splash back protection.


Unique web design prevents splash back & the angled anti-splash texture keeps urinal areas clean. Uses no harmful propellants or solvents. Unique anti-slip feature helps keep V-Screen® in the optimum position in the urinal


  • Easy to use Safeseat® Surface Cleaner helps to clean surfaces such as toilet seats effectively before and after use.
  • Multi-purpose - can be used on a variety of surfaces. Sealed pouch refills - easy to change pouches for simple, contamination free installation.
  • Safeseat® holds a capacity of up to 3000 shots.


The SensaMist® S100 scent diffuser creates a fragrant atmosphere for small to medium areas. The SensaMist® diffuser utilizes advanced atomizer technology to create a fine mist of fragrance which is then diffused into the environment. This maximizes coverage performance and concentration.

V-Air Solid

Passive technology is evolving with V-Air® SOLID Evolution. The recyclable EVA cartridge with multi-phasing air freshener technology and sub-micron fragrances allows for superior scent delivery. The special slatted design allows for optimum air movement around the refill. The lightweight, recyclable refill requires natural airflow. No batteries needed or liquids & refills are free from harmful propellants & solvent

Feminine Hygiene sanitary bin

  • Dual operation mode
  • 18 Litre Capacity
  • Hand Free stepping pedal and knob on lid for customer prefers hand operation
  • Ergonomic design with hand level disposal height in sitting position
  • Dual purpose V-shape lid design. To minimize back flow of bad odor when lid open and block the visual of bin content
  • Wide foot pedal for easy stepping
  • Chemicals resistance material. Worry free with any cleaning and sanitation chemicals
  • All part made from 100% virgin material to ensure durability

Micro Airoma Dispenser

  • Fully programmable dispenser. 'Quick' button allows for 30/45/60 days use, 24/7.
  • Patented features - automatic reset button & I.P.E.™ - enables a period per day of enhanced fragrance.
  • Effective in room sizes up to 200m³.